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Interactive fiction prototype [Nov. 27th, 2006|04:31 am]
I'll take door number i, please
[mood |curious]

So I read an article in the November Atlantic that was interesting enough to share. It's about a new prototype game that has been made available here for free download. The premise of Facade is that you are a friend of a married couple who have asked you to come over to spend the evening with them. When you arrive, you hear sounds of a quarrel through the door.

The interesting thing about the game is that it makes a major effort to allow you to interact freely with the characters. You can type to speak, and there are no limits upon what you can say. I gather that you can also move and perform simple actions with the mouse.

The designers' goal was to create something like a 20-minute one-act play that you help write and which can vary widely, depending upon your inputs. They were lamenting the dearth of real people as characters in video games, and the lack of conversation.

So they wrote a natural-language interpreter, tacked it onto something they call a story generator (or something like that) and away you go.

I can't run the game as it requires more juice than I have in my computer, but there are both Mac and Windows flavors if I remember correctly, so if anyone does download this puppy and try it out, I'd be interested in your feedback.